Patented Semi-Precious Gemstone Technology

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News Release


March 21, 2016, Lakeland, Florida, USA, One of the leading causes of aviation accidents is loss of control.  Over 75% of the loss of directional control accidents occur on the ground where handling skills and loss of traction with the runway surface is the cause.


Efforts to prevent accidents brought together the top physiologists in aviation to develop great results in Aeronautical Decision Making and human factors.  Those areas account for 88% of all accidents.  According to Ben Coleman, former NTSB investigator and aviation safety expert, “One area that has not been addressed is the physical point in time when the aircraft transitions from flying through the air to rolling on the ground.”  Lift off and touch down are crucial components of aviation safety.  There have been only subtle changes in the aviation tire design and compounds until now.  The addition of semi-precious jewels in the rubber tread compound is known as “Garnetread™”.


Under development since 1975, Garnetread™ added to the rubber tread compound in aircraft tires produces the following positive results:

  • Stopping Distance ———————————>DECREASED
  • Tire Wear———————————————-> DECREASED
  • Friction on Wet and Icy Surfaces————-> INCREASED
  • Durability———————————————–>INCREASED
  • Directional Control Below Flying Speed—->INCREASED
  • Cost Savings——————————————->INCREASED

Below are the negative results of using Garnetread™ :

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We are delighted to bring this commonsense approach to aviation.  By introducing this patented semi-precious gemstone technology in our aircraft tires, lives will be saved and operational costs will be reduced.  After all, isn’t that our goal in aviation and air travel?