Cleaning Out Waterway Weeds Without Chemicals

Cleaning Out Waterway Weeds Without Chemicals

Note from the owner/operator Coleman:  OK, it’s coming up on the 1-year mark for our weed extraction machine.  Many lessons learned and to share.  People complain about weed infestation but don’t seem interested in the cost of “cleaning out” the weeds.  The usual answer is getting some chemicals to spray or tablets to drop in the water. How about cleaning out waterway weeds without chemicals.

Then you wait.  The aquatic foliage on top of the water turns ‘brown’ showing death until they disintegrate and fall to the bottom.  The bottom treatment of chemicals rots the roots.  The water on the top is void of “weeds”!  Yahoo! But stop there.

Despite our wildlife having little brains and no opposing thumbs, they are smart.  They DO NOT like this chemical invasion of their domain.  Fortunately, the volume of water is usually so vast that plenty of natural habits remain for them to flourish, but what is the number of our little-finned and feathered friends that die from exposure to man-made chemicals in their homes?

Folks, the ONLY safe and effective way to clear weeds from a desired waterway is by mechanical harvesting.  Common sense tells us that if you don’t like where something is located then move it!  We move it!

Some municipalities, homeowner groups, and property managers chose chemical treatment solutions for economic reasons. It is much cheaper than mechanical harvesting.  The effect on the environment is not an immediate concern.  The long-term effect is still unproven AND undefendable.

Sure, you say, “You have that opinion since you are promoting your own business!”     Not so fast, my friend.  If we only use our equipment on our own property, I’m good.  We are Florida-born and raised natives with roots in the Seminole Indian tribe.  Anything we can do to help preserve our natural habitat is our goal.  Besides, I enjoy operating the weed harvester.

Some municipalities have joined us in our quest for naturally clearing the waterways.  We are NOT in this business to be the biggest operator, but we already have the corner on being the best operator.

Cleaning Out Waterway Weeds Without Chemicals

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Coleman Aeromarine And Weedoo Saves Florida Waterways

Coleman Aeromarine And Weedoo Saves Florida Waterways

So much of the Florida lifestyle revolves around water, swimming, fishing, skiing, and seaplanes. Including the many ways we enjoy our boats, canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards. But so much of our access to our wonderful waterfronts and waterways are clogged. Things like hyacinth, hydrilla, southern naiad, torpedo grass, lily pads, weeds, and rotting pond scum block access. These also can create horrible smells and odors. What to do ? Coleman Aeromarine and Weedoo saves Florida waterways from these nuisances.

Having lived on various lakes most of my life, I’ve experienced the displeasure of tending to the lakefront in order to enjoy the lifestyle. Raking weeds into my canoe for hours and hours was not my favorite on-the-water experience, though it was one hell of a workout and the dogs enjoyed it! What I longed for was an inexpensive service, much like my lawn service, to come by on a schedule and turn my snake-invested swamp into a beautiful barefoot beach.

Enter Coleman Aeromarine and the Weedoo Aquatic Weed Harvester. This one-man, efficient, and effective lake front lawn mower can remove these weeds and plants as deep as 3 feet under the surface. So, weeds like Hydrilla are no problem. It also works like a scythe on shore weeds, like Torpedo Grass. But the best part is, there are no chemical used in the removal process.

Rules vary around the state of Florida, but generally a property owner is authorized to clear 50% of a waterfront. That could take hours or even days by hand, wading around in those places Moccasins and gators call home. The Weedoo turns that ugly chore into a couple of hours, creating safe, attractive weed-free shorelines for kids, dogs, boats and seaplanes.

So, if you want to enjoy clear waterways in a environmentally friendly way, the contact us.

Coleman Aeromarine And Weedoo Saves Florida Waterways

Brad Fuller is the President and Founder of Florida Film and Tape. He has won over 150 film and video awards. He is a lifelong pilot and enjoys preserving our waterways. As a seaplane pilot, clear waterways are critical for landings and takeoffs.