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We have thousands of seaplane operations each year here at the base on Lake Jessie in business since 1968. It is a constant struggle to clear our operations area clear from weeds and vegetation on the shore. The weeds get in our water rudder mechanisms and fowl the movement. Seaplanes in the water without water rudders is difficult and can cause a safety hazard. When we learned about Benjie Coleman having a ‘weed harvester’ boat, it was clear we needed to talk. At first the price sounded a little steep, but after discussing the matter with Benjie and Melody, we understood the cost benefit and how much work was required to move out our weed problem. Benjie helped us with the county and proper state permitting with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. At the end of the day, the water was a mess…. The next morning the base operations area has never looked and felt better. Clean exit and entry areas, fish had returned and all without chemicals! No dead weeds or grass to content with… Here at the seaplane base, we strongly recommend giving Benjie and Melody Coleman a call at Coleman Aeromarine to help with your lake or pond clearing needs.
President, Jack Brown Seaplane Base
When we heard that Coleman Aeromarine had a weed machine that was coming to the neighboring Seaplane Base, we saw the opportunity to clear out our weed problem. Taxiing our seaplane through the weed infested waters around the shore where we beach our airplane, we would constantly get weeds stuck in our float rudders. It was so bad we would have to get out of the plane and clear the weeds off before takeoff. We arranged for Benjie to come work on our property and boy are we glad we did. He helped us with our proper permits and helped identify the invasive species from the nature vegetation, even had a state biologist come out to survey our problem. Now we can maneuver without concern for fowled water rudders and safely come and go from our beach. We highly recommend you call Coleman Aeromarine if you have waterways clogged or infested with weeds or vegetation. His equipment and operational knowledge is well worth the fees….
Property Manager, Florida Ducale Investments
Seaplanes are our life and livelihood here at the SPA. Our focus and aim are to lobby and represent the thousands of seaplane owners and operators for all matters regarding (you guessed it) SEAPLANES. One of the major topics is safety. Another major topic is possibility of invasive water vegetation transfer by seaplane. From a safety perspective, aquatic weeds can fowl water rudders and restrict seaplane maneuvering capability while on the water. Once entangled in the float structure, the weeds could be transferred to other lakes. We do NOT permit this to happen and one method of prevention is weed harvesting and clearing. When we learned that one of our lifetime members, Melody and Benjie Coleman, had entered the marketplace for weed harvesting it was a natural interest of ours to promote their operation. On behalf of all seaplane owner/operators, we encourage anyone with a weed or water vegetation issue on their waterways to get in contact with Coleman Aeromarine, Inc., for non-chemical, mechanical weed harvesting service.
Executive Director, Seaplane Pilots Association